Taking a Look at the New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus


Looking to upgrade your phone to the latest and greatest? Today the smartphone is dominating the space of technology, giving most people instant access to the latest news, information and tools to help them throughout the day. When picking out a new device, your current options for smartphones include Androids such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC and Google Pixel or iOS devices such as the iPhone line. The latest version of the iPhone released mid September and has been a popular choice for many smartphone owners. Bring your device in as we can service all iPhone repairs in Las Vegas.

Comparing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Comparative to Android devices, iPhones are geared to be more user-friendly. Through features such as iMessaging and FaceTime, you can interact in many ways with your friends that also have an iPhone. The newest models, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have raised the bar in areas such as design, camera capabilities and processing speeds. While both devices generally offer the same quality of operation, there are some key differences between the two phones.

iPhone 7

One of the biggest changes that Apple made with their new design is the removal of the headphone jack. This has been a staple in many cell phones for years and years. Instead with Apple’s’ latest model, the headphones plug directly into the lightning port charger. A new feature for the iPhone 7 is the inclusion of water resistant technology. The phone is able to be submerged up to one meter for 30 minutes and still function properly.

iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with all the great features of the iPhone 7 with some additional benefits. When it comes to the appearance of the phone, the iPhone 7 Plus is much larger than the iPhone 7. The other difference is the addition of the dual camera feature. The dual camera allows you to take portrait images with an artistic blurred background as well as utilize telephoto zooming instead of digital zoom.

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