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Are the cell phone repair prices too high in your city? Do you wish to pay less for your broken smartphone glass repair? If so, give us a call and find out your best option! Don’t wait! Call Now and save money (702) 388 – 4349

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At iFix LV the estimates are always FREE! And you don’t have to drive to our store to find them out. Just give us a call (702) 388 – 4349

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iFix LV is a professional cell phone, computer, tablet, and ipod repair shop. We will repair any device. To all our customers we offer shipping option. Weather you live in Nevada or other state, we will bring your gadget back to life!

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iFix LV Cell Phone, Computer, and Tablet repair shop is located in city of Las Vegas in Nevada state. Choose USPS shipping with delivery confirmation and tracking number for your shipments. Make sure to use bubble wrap plastic paper roll or other bubble wrap packaging for your shipment. Wrap up your device well before shipping, so no more damages would be made during the shipping process. Close the box well with the scotch tape, so it won’t open on the way. In addition, write on the box “Handle With Care”. This will help the carrier understand that the valuable items are inside and that it’s not supposed to be dropped.
You are reading Ship Cell Phone Repair.
After your shipment is ready, print a shipping label online on USPS website. You can also “Schedule Package Pickup” there. This will save you a trip to the carrier office.


iFix LV
Address: 3909 W Sahara Ave #6
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
Zip code: 89102
Phone: (702) 388-4349

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Ship Cell Phone Repair

Ship Cell Phone Repair

Ship Cell Phone Repair

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