iPhone Repair: The Dangers of a Cracked Screen

iPhone Repair: The Dangers of a Cracked Screen

Phone screens, whether they are iPhones or Android devices are one of the most fragile components of mobile devices. Even a short drop onto a hard surface has enough power to cause your phone screen to crack or shatter. While your phone will still be functional, there are many downsides to allowing your phone to remain broken and not seek out the help of an iPhone repair service.

Dangers of a Broken Phone Screen

Further Damage

Just like with your car windshield, a crack in your iPhone can expand and worsen over time. Even if the crack is in the upper or lower corners of the phone and currently not inconveniencing your view, over time the crack will spread. Seeking the aid of an iPhone repair service such as iFix can prevent further damage from occurring.

Exposing Other iPhone and Android Components

The phone screen covers a majority of the phone’s sensitive components. As more cracks and breaks develop, the chance of damaging other areas of the phone increase. While all liquids are not safe for mobile devices, a cracked screen can expose electrical components to outside moisture. Even steam can make damage areas of the phone.

Lower Image Quality

Deep cracks and spider webbing can affect the touch screen ability of your iPhone or Galaxy devices. Dark or black spots can begin to appear on your screen and you will not be able to see certain areas of your screen. When using applications such as GPS or web browsers, you may not be able to access certain features.

Higher Risk of Injury

Once you crack your iPhone screen or Android devices, micro cracks can occur. Most screens utilize glass or hard plastics which can splinter off and cause injuries. You run the risk of getting small particles of glass or plastic in your fingers and face and this can be difficult to remove.

Don’t allow your mobile device to worsen and cause irreparable damage and seek out the help of an iPhone repair company such as iFixLV.