Is it Time to Upgrade or Do You Just Need a Quick Fix?

Most people have a love/hate relationship when it comes to technology. They are tools that are designed to help improve our everyday lives and simplify daunting tasks, but at the same time are constantly changing. The latest gadgets that you just spend a substantial amount of money for, may become out of date in a […]

Is it Time to Upgrade or Do You Just Need a Quick Fix


Taking a Look at the New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Looking to upgrade your phone to the latest and greatest? Today the smartphone is dominating the space of technology, giving most people instant access to the latest news, information and tools to help them throughout the day. When picking out a new device, your current options for smartphones include Androids such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC […]


Device Repair: What type of Device Repair will you need?

The first step you will take in repairing your device is finding out what is broke. Device repair includes a vast amount of options as smartphones can be relatively complex and vulnerable to damage. Issues, such as a broken camera or screen, are easily repaired by simply switching the parts carefully while other repairs, like […]

iPhone Repair: The Dangers of a Cracked Screen

Phone screens, whether they are iPhones or Android devices are one of the most fragile components of mobile devices. Even a short drop onto a hard surface has enough power to cause your phone screen to crack or shatter. While your phone will still be functional, there are many downsides to allowing your phone to […]

iPhone Repair: The Dangers of a Cracked Screen

Iphone on a table

Tips on How to Protect Your Mobile Devices

Accidents happen and Ifix LV is there to help when something happens to one of your mobile devices. In addition to this, certain precautions can be taken to make sure your devices can last a lifetime. These precautions can include getting a screen protector, keeping devices out of reach from children and pets, and keeping […]